The assistant principals at the high school are a perfect balance. Mr. Izzo is both light-hearted and deeply caring. He builds relationships through humor, empathy, and his steadfast commitment to meeting every student where they are on their journey. He respects each student for their individual talents and personal qualities, and he’s always ready to lend a listening ear, and a word of encouragement; he even entrusts students to work on his family’s vehicles!  Mr. Izzo also relishes his newly adopted role of being the guy kids and staff “love to hate” for his corny joke of the day. 

Ms. Chang sees the best in everyone and encourages each student to be the “best Falcon” they can be. She makes the high school a better place with her deep love of learning and reverence for the power of education to enrich every life. Ms. Chang walks the talk; she volunteers to tutor students after school and is frequently heard saying, “I just love talking about math.” Students appreciate Ms. Chang’s calm demeanor and her sincere dedication to improving the school community.