Dr. Donovan

In the short amount of time that Dr. Donovan has been here at BMS, he has had a positive influence on the culture and climate of the building.  We appreciate his sense of humor, humanity, and flexibility with both students and staff.

 Dr. Donovan's demeanor and openness allows the staff to feel at ease and their voices heard. His willingness to problem solve with staff unites us in our common goal to educate and enrich the students' lives. 

 Dr. Donovan is a pleasant, outgoing, and competent leader who is very open to suggestions and listen to staff and students' concerns. We appreciate the fact that he is often out of the office, walking the halls, and stopping into classrooms to make his presence known.  He has had a warm and welcoming presence, and we are happy to have him as our leader here at Beckwith Middle School!

Way to go Dr. Donovan!  #WeAreDR!