Mrs. Younger

Mrs. Younger is a hard worker who always puts the students’ wellbeing first. Everyday she comes to work with the goal of making DMS a better school. Mrs. Younger provides constant positive feedback to help all succeed.  She is able to juggle her demands as a mom with the requirements of the school without missing a beat. She is extremely empathetic and is the first to check in on the well being of others. With Mrs. Younger at the helm, DMS is going to soar.

"Amy has gone above and beyond to create a friendly and welcoming environment for students and staff at DMS. She is visible in the halls and classrooms, always with a smile.”

“Her decisions are made with students as her top priority.”

“Hard work is the foundation for achievement.”

“Being a principal is difficult but she handles it with grace and enthusiasm.”

“We are excited to see what is in store for our school.”

Thank you, Mrs. Younger!  #WeAreDR!!