Mrs. Dessert

“When you look up the definition of a principal in the dictionary, it states that a principal is “the person with the highest authority or most important position in an organization, institution or group.” When I asked my students what a principal is or does, I got answers like:

- They keep everyone safe

- They make sure the school has supplies

- They wave at me in the hallway

- They stay late with me if I miss the bus

- They help me solve problems with my friends

- They are in charge of what we learn

- They do everything

I think the kids definition is much more appropriate! Principals truly do it all and we have one of the best! Mrs. Dessert is our leader, she is our "go-to" gal, our problem solver, our shoulder to cry on, our voice of reason, and our safe place to be human. She is our principal and we are so lucky to have her!” - Mrs. Grillo

“Mrs. Dessert is kind and compassionate towards the students, parents, and staff. It’s difficult juggling every facet of an Elementary School but she does it with grace. It’s ever changing, it’s an environment made up of so many personalities and so many wonderful contributing factors. I have witnessed her patience, her humor, her enthusiasm and excitement and I can tell you she is overjoyed to be part of this school district and our Dighton Elementary School leader.” - Mrs. Caldeira