Link to the PoG Flyer with Live Links

Dear D-R Community,

This new era in the D-R schools is off to an amazing start thanks to the support of our towns, families, staff, and, most importantly, our outstanding students! Our new administration has really focused on a PreK - 12+ journey for our students. Our high school is an amazing option to give our students the competitive edge as they head to college, careers, or the military.

In order to define success in our District, we need to update our Mission and Vision. These Strategic Planning documents will chart the course for the future. The first step in that process is to establish a Portrait of a D-R graduate. To be able to shape that vision, we need your feedback.

We are hosting virtual Focus Groups in late February and early March. There are four options to join. While two of them are labeled as families, feel free to join the community sessions or vice versa. Please see the attached flyer which has live links to each session.

We hope you’ll join us at one of them as we need your input! If you have any questions, please contact mblackburn@drregional.org.

Together, we are DR!

Bill Runey