Rehoboth Water Update

Rehoboth Well Update 10-1-2019:

The initial reporting of this incident being late to the Department of Environmental Protection did not cause the problem. 

The well at the Rehoboth Campus was taken offline on Monday September 16th and the pump was removed in anticipation of a five zone hydro fracking that took place on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

On September 18, 2019 the well on the campus was inspected via a camera scope and there was a confirmed depth of 640 feet.  Additionally, the process of hydro fracking the well in five stages was performed to open the supply of water to the campus.

On September 19, the well was flushed and disinfected and the campus remained on bulk water with no support from the well until the test was completed and results were returned.  A sample was collected for total coliform and the well supply remained offline until we received results from the lab that showed there was no total coliform in the well water. 

On Tuesday, September 24, pressure dropped due to debris in the pump.  The pump was repaired and the well was disinfected again and samples were taken on Wednesday. 

On Thursday September 26, the lab report for the Raw Water Total Coliform sample collected 9/24/19 was zero.

On Monday, September 30 the well was reconnected to the Rehoboth water system and began to re-supply the campus with water.

We would like to thank our students, parents and staff for their patience in this situation that occurred in regard to our well on the Rehoboth campus.


Dr. Azar

Rehoboth Water Issue Update 9-13-19

"We are extremely pleased to report that upon further review from both the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Health Agent from the Town of Rehoboth that our water has been deemed safe for use. Below please find link to PDF's of our revised menus. Please note that a secondary concern still exists with the well system.  Water tanker trucks will be on site as a precaution as we continue to test our well system next week.  Moreover, since we have an abundance of bottled water, we are asking that your children continue to drink the bottled water so that we can minimize use of the well as it is being checked.  We will send further updates as information becomes available."

Beckwith Menu week 9-16-19 to 9-20-19
Palmer River Menu week 9-16-19 to 9-20-19


9-11-19 11:00PM
"Routine September samples collected on 9/9/19 from the Rehoboth campus were all absent of Coliform. However, we still must follow the protocols already in place that prevents us from drinking the water.  Additional testing of the water must take place per the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  Please note that a secondary concern still exists with the well.  We will continue to test and monitor the well and water per DEP guidelines and we will update you as we go forward."

9-11-19 2:00 PM The water issue at the Rehoboth campus has certainly tested the patience of us all.  Please know that your children have handled the inconvenience very well.  As you know by now that a bacteria was found in our water that has forced us to follow necessary protocols to make sure our water is safe. We are following all of those protocols.  The well on the property services both buildings and is as old as the buildings. The process of making sure the water is safe changes day to day.  We continue to offer bottled water and hand sanitizer.  The water is safe to wash hands but not to drink and not to wash hands if there is an open cut. More information will be forth coming.
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