Elementary Report Cards

Elementary Report Cards

Information for Families about the Revised Elementary Report Card

Dear Elementary Families,

Welcome back to an exciting school year in our district elementary schools! We would like to share with you some information on the revised elementary report card that will be piloted this school year. Many teachers and administrators from across the district have worked on this new communication tool to make sure that it clearly represents the growth and learning of our students each term. Below are some of the highlights that you can look forward to as we roll it out this year.

Continue to be Standards Based

We will continue to report both term and end of year ‘grades’ based on a student’s demonstration of meeting expectations for learning standards. As you know, these standards are based on the Massachusetts State Frameworks for each subject and grade level. If a standard is not the focus of a particular term we will mark N/A (not assessed) instead of a grade. It is important to keep in mind that all students progress toward proficiency at their own pace. Also, the grade of “exceeding expectations” will be reserved for students who have exceeded the end of year expectations. The grades below are for all content areas in reference to demonstrating skill or knowledge.

4 Exceeds expectations for end of year

3 Meets expectations independently

2 Approaching expectations with support

1 Not yet meeting expectations for this term

In addition to receiving the actual report card, families will have copies of new term expectations that will clearly outline what ‘meeting expectations means for each term. Term expectations are available for both English Language arts (ELA) and Mathematics. We are in the process of developing term expectations for other subject areas and will present those to families when they are available. (See below for links to the term expecations)

Areas of Strength and Focus

This year, teachers will have the ability to designate areas of ‘strength’ and those of ‘focus for improvement’ for specific learning in Math, ELA and Work and Social Skills. This is in addition to the longer text box that is available for them to describe your child’s progress overall. This will allow for a more individualized representation of the learning in those areas that term.

Work and Social Skills

In the area of work and social skills the District Report Card Committee wanted to focus on students’ progress toward skills that are needed to be successful learners in general and more specifically their social/emotional learning (SEL) or ‘soft-skills’ that will help to make them successful in career and social situations. These areas are marked with letters rather than numbers to help identify that they are not based solely on academic standards. The definitions for Work and Social Skills are below.

C Consistently Student Consistently meets objective without reminders

O Often Student meets objective Often with minimal reminders

S Sometime Student frequently needs reminders to meet objective

R Rarely Student rarely meets objective with reminders

All Subjects Represented and All Grades (K-4) Three Terms

In the revised report card there will be standards based grades for all subject areas including specialist subjects (i.e. music, visual art, technology, library/media, physical education and STEAM). Work and Social Skills grades (i.e. effort/engagement) will also be reported in each of the specialist subjects because we feel that student engagement in all learning environments is important to developing a well-rounded student.

Additionally, all grades (K-4) will have report cards for all three terms. (In the past, Kindergarten graded only twice a year.) With that in mind, due to the fact that the specialists need to accurately assess hundreds of students, and kindergarten students are acclimating to routines and expectations, kindergarten students will not receive a formal assessment grade in term one from specialist teachers.

We hope that the revised report card will help to strengthen our home/school partnership with families by providing clarity and focusing on the growth and progress that each child is making as a learner. During this pilot year we will seek your input and look forward to your feedback.

Links for Elementary Term Expectations

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Links for Specialist Yearly Expecations


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