The leaves are changing, the air is chilly and the students have FALLen right into routine! We Love Autumn!!



Welcome to

Dighton Elementary School!

1250 Somerset Avenue 

Dighton, MA 02715



Dr. Paula Manchester, Principal


Mrs. Ashley Fullen M.Ed., Assistant Principal


Mrs. Linda DeLeo, School Secretary



Janet Griffith, Interim Director of Special Education


  District Title II, IX, 504 Coordinator

(508) 252-5000 X5147

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 Welcome Back DES Eagles and Family!

We are excited to have entered the 2015-2016 school year, and are certain that this year is going to be the best year yet! We have many wonderful and exciting things happening at the school and are excited to communicate and share it all with you through this site, PTO, and through monthly newsletters. Please, please, please feel free to call us anytime with questions or concerns, we are here to help each and every child have an exceptional educational experience here at DES. 

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Mancester & Mrs. Fullen



Meet our Eagle Guides

Kindergarten Staff




                   Room 31: Mrs. Bellavance-Classroom Teacher                    

Room 32: Mrs. Bosco-Classsroom Teacher

        Mrs. Tonia-Classroom ILA


                                     Room 33: Mrs. Pittsley-Classroom Teacher

Room 34: Mrs. St. Germaine-Classroom Teacher

Room 36: Ms. Cotter-Classroom Teacher

 Mrs. Dawn-Classroom ILA

 Mrs. Baglini-Special Education Kindergarten Teacher


Grade 1 Staff

Room 9: Mrs. Collins-Classroom Teacher

Room 10: Mrs. Silva-Classroom Teacher

Room 11: Mrs. Perry-Classroom Teacher

Room 12: Mrs. Ulmschneider-Classroom Teacher

Room 14: Mrs. DeMello-Classroom Teacher

Rooms 12 & 14: Mrs. Martel-Special Education Grade 1 teacher

Mrs. Beth-Classroom ILA



Grade 2 Staff

Room 13: Mrs. Reed-Classroom Teacher

Room 15: Mrs. Carter-Classroom Teacher

Room 19: Mrs. Curtis-Classroom Teacher

Room 17: Mrs. Castonguay-Classroom Teacher

Room 21: Mrs. Marcotte-Classroom Teacher

Rooms 17 & 21: Mrs. Gentile-Special Education Grade 2

Mrs. Dana-Classroom ILA


Grade 3 Staff

Room 16: Mrs. Sylvia-Classroom Teacher

Room 18: Mrs. Maurer-Classroom Teacher

Room 16 & 18: Mrs. Mason-Special Education Grade 3 teacher

          Mrs. Murphey-Classroom ILA

Room 20: Ms. Fernandes-Classroom Teacher

Room 22: Mrs. Comeau-Classroom Teacher


Grade 4 Staff

Room 23: Mrs. Woodruff-Classroom Teacher

Room 24: Mrs. Gustafson-Classroom Teacher

Room 25: Mrs. Duarte-Classroom Teacher

Room 26: Mrs. Brown-Classroom Teacher

Rooms 23 & 26: Ms. Grillo-Special Education Grade 4 Teacher

Mrs. deMello-Classroom ILA




Ms. Slattery-Special Education TLC teacher

Mrs. Mullen-ABA assistant

Mrs. Quaglia-Classroom ILA

Mrs. Berry-ILA

Mrs. Little-ILA

Mrs. Mendoza-ILA

Mrs. White-ILA



Art: Ms. Rubano

Music: Dr. Michuad

Library: Mrs. Grabke

P.E.: Mrs. Corvi

Computers: Mr. Badger

Reading Specialist: Dr. Mulligan

Title 1 Reading Spec.: Mrs. Kavanaugh


Special Education and Related Services

School Psych/Special Ed. Coordniator: Mrs. Kulpa

School Adjustment Counselor: Mrs. Silvia

Speech and Language: Mrs. Romano/ Mrs. Hancock

OT: Mrs. Castergini

School Nurse: Mrs. Alberto





DES Roof Project




2015-2016 DES Bus Routes

The new Bus Route information is now available. Please click on the link to the left for more information.

Safety, Arrival and Dismissal Procedure at DES:

Parking Lot Safety The driveway is ONE WAY. Please do not drive up

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