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Welcome to Dighton Elementary School!

1250 Somerset Avenue 

Dighton, MA 02715


Dr. Paula Manchester, Principal

Mrs. Ashley R. Fullen, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Linda DeLeo, School Secretary

Mrs. Kerri Delisle, School Secretary

Kyle Riley
Director of Special Education
District Title II, IX, 504 Coordinator

(508) 252-5000 X143


Important Dates!

Bell Choir will perform on December 12, 2013 in the evening!

December 2, 2013


Dear Dighton Elementary School Families,


Please allow me to introduce myself to the families of Dighton Elementary School. My name is Dr. Paula Manchester and it is truly an honor to become a member of the Dighton Elementary School community. I am very excited to begin my new journey as principal of DES and contribute to a team of excellent educators. Thus far, I have been experiencing a very warm welcome from students and teachers, and I have also heard many great things about this community.


One of my goals as principal is to enhance a collaborative environment in which teachers can work. I have been talking with some teachers and administrators and it is clear from these conversations that the staff are working very hard toward providing the best possible academic experience for our students. I look forward to fostering these relationships and working with the faculty to provide a first-rate educational experience for each child. I believe in schools that provide differentiated learning opportunities for each student, while inspiring and challenging our students with a multitude of engaging experiences.


My twenty years of experience and education have provided me with a comprehensive foundation, as well as the inspiration to land at Dighton Elementary. I look forward to spending many years here in Dighton, as we set goals to turn Dighton into a model elementary school. During my years as an administrator, I have spent a great deal of time serving on district committees, supporting new curriculum initiatives and utilizing data that has helped to make informed decisions toward student growth opportunities. I also have experience working in an underperforming district, where we worked hard and brought our school from a Level 3 to a Level 1 status.


Another of my goals will be to work on building solid relationships with students, families and teachers.  It is very important that I spend time in classrooms, getting to know your child(ren). Please know that I am genuinely invested in the success of your children. As a mother, myself, I believe that schools should provide children with positive and supportive environments, allowing students to grow and develop as they realize their true potential.


Over the next few weeks, I will be spending a lot of time getting to know the physical layout and the school’s community, while discovering what makes DES such a unique and special place. On first impression, it appears that DES is a place where strong connections are made between home and school, and where all staff members are committed to creating a positive educational experience for your children. I value both of these characteristics and am excited to help continue moving DES along this path of excellence.


While I strive to build strong relationships with each of you, please do not hesitate to call or email me whenever you have a concern or a question about a specific situation or procedure. Communication is paramount toward a school’s success. For this reason, I will always encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or me with any questions you might have. I feel very lucky to be following Mr. Weiner, the interim principal of DES. It is clear that Mr. Weiner did a wonderful job providing students, teachers and parents a great educational experience.

DES is clearly a school that has many attributes to be proud of. I thank you in advance for welcoming me as a part of this amazing community!  


Dr. Paula Manchester





Buses & Safety


It is important that we address this early on in the year.  Whenever the buses are lined up alongside the building to drop off & pickup students, vehicles are not permitted to travel along the left side of the buses down the one-way (even if they happen to be parked in this area). For the safety of our children all vehicles must wait until the buses depart before traveling down the one-way. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!


Chapter 70 Task Force Public Statement





The 2013-2014 grade level supply lists are under the Administration tab.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure at DES:

Please go to the Administration tab to the left for an updated safety procedure.

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